Stand out from the Competition

Helping brands succeed in this emerging market

The green wave is taking over the country one state at a time. The Cannabis industry is exciting but also very competitive. With all the legal red tape new dispensary operators must cut through it is difficult to find time to focus on store design. A well designed and executed store ensures brand loyalty and increased sales. At allspace we make it as easy as possible to provide our clients with everything they need to go to market as quickly as possible, with an exceptional store that will keep their customers coming back.

Stunning Décor and Millwork

Tailored to your Needs

Pricing, Designs, Lead-times

We listen to our customers. Every step of our process executed based on input and communication with our clients. We can work within your budget and timeframe to provide an excellent store environment for a price you are happy with. Tight lead times are a point of pride for us as we can meet just about any deadline. Since we design, manufacture, and install all in-house, our competitors are not able to beat our pricing or production speeds.

Custom millwork and decor
Standard displays for super-quick turnaround
Exterior branding packages and window graphics
High Quality 3-D Space Renderings
Experiential Environments

Eye Catching from a Distance

Murals, Graphics, and Grand Opening Packages

Each municipality has their own codes when it comes to exterior signage. We work with your township officials to understand the regulations to provide a comprehensive exterior package that stays true to your brand identity. The outside of your building is the first impression you give to your customers. Our goal is to make sure that experience is one that attracts new customers and keeps existing ones coming back.

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